Managing Your Workforce and Motivating Temporary Employees

More employers are hiring temporary and contingent staff to fill their staffing needs. If these employees do not work as a team with other staff, the dynamics could affect productivity. Motivating temporary workers can
Motivate Your Vegas Employees | PrideStaff Las Vegasgive you an edge over your competitors. Lead effectively, and ensure that your workplace is ideal or even fun, and you will attract the best, enthusiastic workers.

Effective leadership is key. Show appreciation for your staff and model an attitude of respect. Provide the tools that staff need to do their job well, whether it be well-structured training or a safe work environment with updated equipment. Temporary and contingent workers will appreciate and be motivated by the following:

  • Hire wisely.
    The Frugal Entrepreneur recommends determining what you expect from staff before you hire. Have realistic expectations that are aligned with the compensation you can afford to provide. A professional staffing agency can find the right skilled temporary staff and screen them for ability, organizational fit and reliability. Appropriate hiring will ensure that employees are effective immediately.
  • Provide a warm welcome and appropriate training.
    Give your new and temporary staff the direction and tools  they need. Training does not have to be formal and expensive. Hire contingent workers who already have the required skills and team them up with your more skilled and experienced workers. Learning from teammates will improve work group relationships.
  • Provide clear instructions with respect to individual responsibilities.
    Ensure that staff members have a supervisor or team leader to go to with any questions. Ambiguity or misunderstandings are the fastest route to accidents and lost revenue.
  • Provide feedback.
    A valuable temporary worker may want to return in the future, and next time they will require less investment in terms of training. If a worker is productive and reliable, tell them and the agency that sourced them.

Develop a reputation as an excellent employer and your will have no problem finding the best temporary workers when you need them. Looking to hire in the new year? PrideStaff Las Vegas prides itself on providing qualified candidates to clients across Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can benefit yours!

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