The working world is constantly changing. Companies are adapting to rapid change and are looking for employees who are flexible and adaptable. Big data is a current phenomenon that is attracting increasing attentiontyping; the recent National Security Agency debacle is just one example, and many advertising and marketing companies are taking advantage of unlimited consumer information.

Job seekers must reflect the qualities that employers seek. Monster interviewed various recruiter and CEOs to identify the factors that are trending in today’s workplace. The following are desired attributes.

  • Flexibility. From the ability to use and adapt to new technology systems to the ability to collaborate and adapt to a company’s internal culture, flexibility is the number one attribute employers require. Monster suggests that employers will make hiring decisions based on candidate attributes, such as your ability to adapt or to learn a new skill, rather than your established skills because workplace needs are changing so rapidly.
  • Leadership potential. Dynamic workplaces are becoming flatter. A leader is no longer a high-level corporate manager. Leadership is expected in any environment, from the warehouse to hotel reception. Leadership qualities are exhibited by your knowledge on certain topics, your engagement with social networks, collaboration with others, and having the confidence to make suggestions.
  • Initiative and discipline. Jacob Morgan of Forbes highlights the ability to focus as a crucial attribute. Such traits are evident in disciplined self-starters who have accomplished a goal independently such as taking additional college courses, learning a new skill, or attempting entrepreneurship. Massive open online courses that are offered by universities, or MOOCs, have facilitated unlimited personal development for the motivated personality.

The Millennial generation will represent 75 percent of the workforce by 2025 according to Forbes, and the generation is expected to change jobs frequently during their lifetime. Employers are more discerning in their hiring practices, and many are turning to staffing agencies and recruiters.

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