Fulfilling Your Workforce Needs by Utilizing Temporary Staff

Many companies successfully navigated the recession of 2008 by increasing their use of contingent and temporary workers. The flexibility that contingent staffing provides allowed companies to respond to fluctuating Las-Vegas-Hiringproductivity demand with sufficient skilled human resources. According to a study by Randstad, 66 percent of employers are hiring contingent workers and over 20 percent plan to increase their temporary workforce in 2014.

Senior Contributing Writer for Monster, John Rossheim, suggests that the contingent staffing trend will continue. The business cycle is such that companies must be responsive to the unpredictable economic environment and the market. Staffing companies such as Pride Staff are fulfilling a consulting role for companies with respect to their human resources. Here are the main advantages of using contingent staffing.

  • HR and Industry Expertise: Staffing and recruitment companies such as Pride Staff monitor the economic and industry trends to gauge labor demand and availability. Our industry experts build relationships with the local business community. Our inside knowledge and recruiting tools are able to design optimal staffing strategies and find the expertise that your company demands.
  • Workforce Flexibility: Contingent workers possess specialized skills and require minimal training. They can hit the ground running and immediately fill your staffing needs. A professional staffing agency can find and screen the best employees for your needs requiring minimal time investment from you. We provide expert human resource services to maximize your HR investment on a project-by-project basis. A flexible staffing strategy provides the required expertise for every task.
  • Reduced Staffing Costs: Employer responsibilities such as payroll, health benefits, and insurance are often managed by the staffing company. A dedicated staffing company can search and screen candidates saving you time and money. Employing the right people now can save you costly staffing and training costs later, plus you can identify top performers that you may want to hire on a permanent basis.

Your competitors are exploiting the benefits of contingent staffing. They are using the consulting resources of professional HR and staffing consultants. Ensure the best skills for your company and partner with PrideStaff Las Vegas. If you have additional questions, talk to one of our HR professionals.

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