Could a Video Resume be Right for Your Job Search?

Developing a professional profile involves new technology. Few resumes pass across a recruiter or hiring manager’s desk these days without a LinkedIn profile. US News reported that video resumes are now common in Thinkingindustries with a high level of customer interaction, such as hospitality and retail. A video allows a hiring manager to discern a candidate’s people skills.

The technologies required to create a video resume is easy to use and can be uploaded to platforms such as YouTube or Hiredmyway, a feature of Facebook. You can also use the same platforms to upload portfolios and a traditional resume. Free editing software is available for Macs, PCs and on YouTube. Keep your video short. The idea is to attract attention, not lose it. Viewers will monitor the time stamp to judge how long the video will be; therefore, a one-minute commitment is ideal.

  • Mashable recommends ensuring that the company is “on trend” and will appreciate the video resume. A video presentation is appropriate for a media or marketing firm, but it might be less appropriate for a paralegal position in a traditional organization.
  • Putting a friendly face to the skills on paper can be appealing. Much more information can be conveyed in a 30-second video presentation than a page-long cover letter. A video can project a professional image, excellent communication skills, a positive personality, and your value to the company.
  • Key points to include are an introduction that tells the viewer your name and the position to which you are applying. Sell yourself quickly with a short sentence that explains your value to the company and suitability for the position. Follow that up with your relevant skills and experience. Try to highlight a quantifiable achievement that differentiates you from your competitors.

A link to a short video presentation can be a powerful way to attract the attention of the recruiter and put yourself ahead of the competition. PrideStaff Las Vegas hiring professionals can help you develop your professional profile that is appropriate for your personal career choice. Let us match your skills with the right employer. Contact one of our Las Vegas hiring professionals today!

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