When is the Best Time to Look for a job?

The decision to leave your job should not be the result of an emotional or knee-jerk reaction. However, according to Forbes, the average time that individuals stay in one job is around four and a half years and the younger Thinkingyou are, the less time you will stay. It can be encouraging to know that you are making a proactive decision that will contribute to your development rather than hinder it. Here are three reasons why you should leave your current job.

  • Financial reasons. US News suggests looking for a new job if you have not had a raise in three years. Given the current economy and, if you love your current job, your job satisfaction may be a reason to stay. However, if a new job provides career advancement and additional income that you need, the decision is made.
  • Flexibility and Control. More employers are providing their employees with flexible working options because many are juggling work with childcare or care of older parents. A sense of autonomy may relieve a significant amount of stress and make your life more manageable. A job that provides no personal freedom or opportunity for making your own decisions can be frustrating and professionally stunting. If you can find a better situation, do it.
  • Career Development. The younger you are the further you can go, unless you linger in a dead-end position. If you feel that you have learned all that you can in your current role, and your employer is reluctant to provide you with new challenges, it is time to find them yourself. It can be disappointing to realize that you current employer has no interest in your development, but the sooner you align yourself with one that does, the sooner you will advance.

Try to secure your next job before your leave your current one. A Las Vegas staffing or recruitment agency such as PrideStaff Las Vegas can help you find a new position while you are still with your existing employer. We can alert you to suitable opportunities and help you to develop as a professional. Consider part-time or temporary work until you find a company that you love. Contact a PrideStaff Las Vegas recruitment professional if you are considering a change of employer.

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