Four Employee Retention Tips from HR Professionals

Las Vegas Hiring | PrideStaff Las VegasThe secret to attracting and keeping talented staff is to engage and motivate them. Bob Kelleher, author of “Louder than Words” suggests that motivation comes from leaders and managers. Leaders must be culturally aware of the benefits of a diverse workforce and be willing to meet employee needs by offering benefits such as flextime and health plans.

Effective brand management will attract new talent; staff will remain in a culture that is dynamic, progressive, and supportive. Kelleher recommends using an employee survey to determine why your staff members stay with your company. Use this information to develop a brand and to market your firm to potential recruits.

  • Use feedback to determine the needs of your staff and promote a culture of open communication. Use social media platforms in the work place for team collaboration. Instill pride in your workers by including them in company goals and strategy. Celebrate corporate achievements and appreciate staff efforts.
  • An employer’s reputation and integrity can be quickly destroyed by unfair hiring or compensation practices. The loss of employee trust is costly. The Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission stresses the importance of instituting transparent HR policies that are fair to all. Develop clear organizational goals and communicate them to staff. Provide the opportunity for staff to develop professionally. To keep employees interested in a company, the company must be interested in them.
  • Hire effectively. You may have a culture that is progressive, and you may have innovative ideas, but if hiring practices are poor, your revenues will drop. Anticipate future need. Consider cultural fit when you hire new staff, not just credentials and experience. Use the services of a staffing firm to search, screen, and conduct background checks to reduce the risk of a bad hire.
  • Make work fun. Provide the opportunity for social interaction. Encourage light relief from work with office games and competitions. According to US News, Zappos, a content development company, encourages workers to be themselves by instituting a casual dress code and allowing staff to express their personality and creativity.

PrideStaff Las Vegas, Las Vegas staffing professionals, can help you hire staff that fit your company culture. Don’t wait for staff to leave before hiring needed skills. Develop a long-term strategy that is an investment and not a cost to your bottom line. 

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