Are Your Employees Tired of Their Jobs?

The summer especially is a time when motivation can wane in the workplace. A study by Captivate, a leading digital media company, showed a decrease in productivity of 20 percent at this time of year. Staff can beBored Employee | Tips on Motivating Employees in Vegas distracted, stress compounded, and absences more prevalent. With the right policies, however, the summer can be a time to provide some flexibility and to review the accomplishments of the past year.

Renewed enthusiasm can be instilled in employees by appreciating their efforts. In the event of a slight reprieve in workload, Jacqueline Smith of Business Insider offers some ideas to show appreciation to staff.

  • Provide flexibility. Summer comes with family commitments. Children are off school and vacations are planned. Captivate suggests that summer hours can contribute to a drop in productivity. Use the summer as a trial period. Motivate staff to remain productive; if the flexible options work, they may become policy year round. Productivity often increases when individuals are empowered and can manage their own time.
  • Maintain goals. Although the pace may be slower, a company must stay on track. Determine what needs to be done and check in with staff to monitor progress. Allow downtime as long as the necessary work is done. If projects are completed sooner than anticipated, arrange a lunch outside or a social event.
  • Review. Use social events, such as a happy hour or a lunch, to review the past year and to collect staff feedback. Address changes required for the coming year. The summer is an ideal time for reviews because individuals are more relaxed, and there is less pressure with respect to workload. Act on staff suggestions and they will sense that they are valued and can make a difference.
  • Install new equipment or furniture. If you have been planning equipment or furniture upgrades, plan these for the summer. A fresh environment or new tools can invigorate tired employees. Staff may have more time to learn new software before deadlines and efficiency are more critical.

Discuss development opportunities for staff. Training can be a reward and shows an effort to invest in employees and their career development. Showing that staff are appreciated is a powerful way to increase motivation, boost productivity, and renew enthusiasm. Contact PrideStaff Las Vegas and let us help you build a successful team.