Building Brand Loyalty through Positive Customer Service

Social media is a major driver in marketing success. The opinions of customers who have direct contact with your company matter. Anand Subramanian of Harvard Business Review writes that branding efforts often overlook the key Revamp Your Customer Servicecomponent of customer service.

A company may develop a brand idea that includes a logo, slogan, an advertising campaign, even celebrity endorsement, but fail to address customer service.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Customer Service Translates to Customer Loyalty

  • Identify your customer touch points and differentiate your service. You might offer customers a coupon if they draw an issue to your attention, or you might offer free returns with no questions asked. Provide a service that exceeds that of your competitors. The quality of the buying experience can often be the deciding factor in customer purchase decisions.
  • Maintain relationships with your buyers. Provide post-purchase benefits. For example, if your product is a mechanical one, offer a guarantee and a periodic check or service. Contact your old customers and inform them of new products and sales. Target your communications according to demographics. If you sell gardening or landscaping services, target the wealthier homeowner.
  • Inform your customers. Provide information on your website that is easily accessible to existing and potential customers. Many shoppers investigate products and companies on the internet before making a purchase decision. Effective and useful product and service information may win them over.
  • Train your staff to ensure consistent, brand-oriented services. Ensure that your brand is aligned from supplier to the end customer contact point. TMI, global branding specialists, recommend aligning all company functions – marketing, customer service, sales, operations, and human resources to your brand and your business strategy. Treat your suppliers the same as you would a customer, and train your staff in communicating with various stakeholders.

Motivate staff to provide exemplary service by providing incentives and including them in corporate decisions. Ask them for feedback regularly to determine customer service problems or areas that could be improved. The human touch is still preferred. Contact a PrideStaff Las Vegas employment expert to find trained staff that can quickly learn your brand and provide the quality service your customers demand.