Don’t Let the Holidays Hinder Your Job Search

The holidays are often a frustrating time for job seekers. Hiring managers and recruiters can be more focused on completing administrative year-end paperwork than on recruiting. However, John Rossheim of Monster claims that the end of Don't Let Holidays Hinder Your Job Searchthe year may also provide a window of opportunity for job seekers. The candidate pool all but disappears at this time under the assumption that a job search will not be fruitful. Consequently, hiring managers may struggle to fill positions during the holidays.

Lindsay Olson of US News suggests some reasons why you should not abandon your job search as the holiday season approaches.

  • Seasonal or temporary jobs abound in industries such as retail and hospitality at this time of year. Partnering with a staffing firm or accepting temporary work could lead to full-time employment. At the very least, it can provide work experience and income.
  • The New Year is often a new start. Companies may have recruitment targets that are not fulfilled by the end of the year. Submitting an application at this time may mean that your resume receives more attention and consideration than it would at another time of year.
  • Andrew Streiber of Careercast recommends taking advantage of holiday parties and social events. Adopt a cheerful demeanor and network. Spread the word that you are job seeking. Prepare a 30-second elevator pitch that succinctly describes what you do and your desired role.
  • Update your online presence such as your LinkedIn profile. Include all your experience to date and check it for errors. If you identify a company of interest, search your networks for a contact who may be able to refer you. Traditional front-door application approaches take a long time and are often ineffective. Most jobs are filled by word-of-mouth before they ever hit the job boards.
  • To pre-empt the candidate search by employers. Send out holiday cards to hiring managers and recruiters. Enclose your business card and a short introduction of your experience and goals. Re-establish connections with old contacts or employers.

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