10 Ways to Make Yourself Smile at Work Today

Having a tough day? Looking for reasons to smile at the office? Here’s a list of 10 ways to make your workday more productive and a little bit more enjoyable.SmilingEmployee

  1. Decorate Your Office/Cubicle

Whether you have an office or a cubicle at work you can brighten it up with some things from home. Include pictures of loved ones or pets, or souvenirs of your favorite vacation spot. Reminders of why you are working so hard can serve as inspiration to keep it up.

  1. Read an Inspirational Quote

Post inspirational (and work-appropriate) quotes on your wall or keep a book of them at your desk to pull out when you need a pick up. These quotes can help to keep you motivated on even the most challenging day.

  1. Compliment a Co-Worker

Don’t hesitate to compliment a co-worker on a job well done or thank them for help on a project. Going out of your way to be kind and appreciative to people in the office makes the environment more pleasant for everyone.

  1. Take a Social Media Break

Keep in touch with outside world via Facebook or Twitter on your lunch or break. Take a break to read a blog that can teach your something about your industry. Reading something funny and feeling connected can help you get through a tough day.

  1. Avoid Negativity

You don’t always get to choose who you work with, but minimize the time you spend with negative people as much as possible. Their attitude can bring you down as well. Find solutions rather than complaining about problems. It will make your office a more pleasant and constructive place to work.

  1. Take a Walk Outside During Lunch

An excellent way to enjoy your day more is to take time to enjoy nature during your lunch break. Instead of sitting in the same cafeteria for the 100th day in a row, go outside and take a walk around a local park.

  1. Pay it Forward

If you are on the way to work and stop at a local coffee shop, consider paying it forward for someone in line ahead of you. It could make their day, and yours.

  1. Take Time to Reflect

Take five minutes during the day to reflect on all the positive things in your life right now. People who focus on the positive rather than negative aspects of their lives are known to be happier and more productive.

  1. Say Thank-You

One of the best ways to smile at work is by thanking those around you for work they have performed or for any favors they provided you.

  1. Look For a New Job

If you consistently feel sad or depressed at work, it may just not be the right fit for you. Take some time to assess what you like and dislike about your current situation and how it can be improved in your next role.

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