How to Promote New Skill Development for Employees

Developing the skills of your employees is an important retention strategy. It is vital to the success of your company that your people continue to grow and learn. It can reduce the temptation to Skill Development for Employeeslook for new challenges at another company. Protect investment in your personnel by providing and encouraging ongoing training and development.

Communicate Skills Requirements

Communicate the skills requirements and goals you have for your employees so they understand what is expected of them.  Roll out a development program that helps them build the skills they need to be successful and grow at the company. Offer trainings that focus on one skill at a time or a comprehensive program where they can earn a certificate or other recognition. Training programs can be offered for individuals or as part of a group.

Develop a Culture of Learning

When employees of all levels participate in continuing education, it becomes part of your company culture. From offering in-house training programs to reimbursing people for undergraduate and graduate coursework, keeping people up to date and well-trained can keep them engaged and interested. This helps you to develop and keep your best people.

Create Skills Development Milestones

Ensure that employees continue skill development by creating milestones for each skill. This can include providing a certificate to the employee when he completes a course or scoring the employee’s efforts to master a new skill. Milestones should include a due date. When the employee knows he or she needs to develop the skill within a specific timeframe, it can encourage timely participation in each step of the program.

Recognize Employee Achievements

Recognize employee achievements to encourage others to take part in the skills development. When employees know they will be rewarded and acknowledged for their achievements, they may be more interested in participating in the program.

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