How to Grow a Successful Employee Referral Program

One of more intriguing ways to enhance the staff at your office is to implement an employee referral program. A recommendation from one of your best workers can lead to another strong personGrow a Successful Employee Referral Program on your team helping to make a positive difference for your organization. Once word gets around about what a great place to work you offer, expect more referrals to potentially help your company grow.

How do you build a top notch employee referral program? Let’s take a closer look at some ideas worthy of further exploration.

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives

Offering meaningful incentives to your employees for submitting quality candidates is a great way to jumpstart your referral program. Consider awarding some form of bonus — a gift card, some comp time, or simply cash — after the referred candidate is hired and remains employed for at least one half-year. Taking this simple step helps to build a winning team at your office in no time.

Publicize your Openings and Company Needs to your Employees

Make it a regular practice to inform your office staff of any hiring needs on both a short-term and a long-term basis. That way your team is able to know beforehand if anyone within their professional network makes a good fit as a potential candidate. Consider creating a newsletter for the referral program that details company needs and openings, referral successes, and awarded bonuses for your team members.

Combine your Referral Program with your Staffing Agency Partner

While an employee referral program provides a great source of potentially top notch candidates, it won’t completely solve your organization’s staffing needs. Leveraging a partnership with a top notch staffing agency helps to fill in any gaps that your own referral program misses. The best staffing agencies offer fully-vetted candidates able to fill a variety of roles on both short-term and permanent contracts, giving your company added hiring flexibility.

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