Four Things you can learn from a Thorough Reference Check

When engaged with your company’s hiring process, one step that sometimes gets overlooked involves checking a candidate’s references. Sure, interviews arguably remain the most important part Reference Checks in Vegas | PrideStaff Las Vegasof determining whether or not the person is worthy of a job offer, but references offer their own useful insights. Checking references remain a great choice for finding out everything you can about someone before making a final hiring decision.

Here are four things you can learn from a full reference check.

How well the Candidate worked with Others

While the candidate’s answers to your interview questions offer some insight on how they got along with their coworkers, it’s probably more accurate to get a third party opinion. In this case, their references can detail their own opinions, allowing you two (or more) sources of information to influence your final hiring decision. If the reference had a managerial role over the candidate, their opinion holds more weight.

True Insight into their Career Goals

Additional insight into a candidate’s career goals is helpful, lest your company hires a candidate whose heart is in another city or another field, leading them to leave your organization before one year is completed. Once again, it is the opinions of a third party that offer a better view than simply the candidate’s.

What Tangible Benefits they bring to your Company

The bottom line is simple. Your organization needs to make a hire that quickly brings a tangible benefit to your company’s operations. A reference, again one with a managerial relationship with the candidate, is able to give you meaningful opinions on how soon that person will make a positive impact after their hiring day.

Their Suitability for a Future Leadership Role

Your company wants its employees to reach their full potential, and a reference can give you their opinion on whether the candidate has leadership ability just waiting to be developed. This might be the final piece of insight that makes your hiring decision the right one.

If your company needs additional input on the hiring process — including vetting a candidate’s references — talk to the expert recruiters at PrideStaff Las Vegas, we provide both the business insight and quality candidates to help ensure the success of your organization. Schedule a meeting with us today!