Finding the Right Talent (At the Right Time)

Nevada is experiencing economic growth in sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and entertainment. Unemployment rates are lower than they have been in over five years. Nevada Business magazine projects that employment will grow at a rate of almost 50,000 jobs annually through 2017. Such economic good news, however, is causing employers to work harder to find and retain top talent.

The Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation reports that job seeker confidence is high, evidenced by an increase in the job quitting rate. A high rate of job seeker confidence means that employers must excel in attracting top candidates who are more discerning with respect to job offers. Employers must also retain top talent that is at risk of being poached by competitors. Wanted Analytics shows data that reflect a marked increase in employer hiring demand.

PrideStaff can help you attract, secure, and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive labor market.

  • Find top talent by building your reputation as a leading industry employer. PrideStaff can help you to identify and market the aspects of your company that are most appealing to the job seeker. Our professionals use the latest software and strategies to reach your target candidates.
  • Our recruitment processes reflect fairness and professionalism that will, in turn, increase your company’s reputation. Poor hiring practices and delays in hiring quickly put-off the best candidates. Typical screening tools can eliminate those candidates that could be just what your business needs. Our background checking and screening processes reduce your hiring risk while complying with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements.
  • Our professionals monitor local economic trends and the labor market. Retain your best employees, and don’t lose them to competitors. Highlight your employee development programs and attractive benefits. PrideStaff understands what employees require to be engaged and productive at work.

The Nevada economy is showing no signs of slowing down. Your employees and potential candidates will seek the best employers and the most attractive work situations. Don’t struggle to find talented employees.

PrideStaff has the expertise to improve your company’s visibility and reputation, attract the best workers, and conduct a smooth and efficient hiring process. Contact our team today for additional assistance.