Behind every successful company is a team of hardworking employees giving their all to the organization each day. If you’ve noticed that your team seems to check out as soon as they step into theImportance of Organizational Culture office, it’s time to make a change. Take a good long look at your company culture to see if it’s keeping your workers from reaching their true potential.

5 Ways to Create a Culture of Growth and Creativity

Need to make a few changes to your company culture? Use these five tips to make your organization a place that promotes employee advancement:

Provide Regular Training Opportunities

Encourage growth and development by offering your team opportunities to expand their skillsets as often as possible. If you don’t have the budget to send them to conferences and training classes in other cities, choose topics that many people can benefit from and bring a trainer to your office to teach a group session.

Promote from Within

Talented employees feel like they have nothing to work towards if they know they’ll be passed up for a promotion by an external candidate. Make a habit of always trying to fill positions from within before ever reviewing resumes from outside talent.

Stop Micromanaging

It’s very discouraging when your boss doesn’t trust you to do your job. You hired your team members because they’re bright, competent people so stop looking over their shoulders and let them complete assignments their own way.

Allow Side Projects

Creative people are always filled with innovative ideas and visions they wish they had more time to work on. Make this a reality by allotting a certain amount of time each week or month for people to work on side projects they’re passionate about. This is a great way to stimulate growth and make people feel fulfilled. Their ideas may even result in some groundbreaking advances for your company!

Make People Feel Heard

When your thoughts and opinions are constantly shut down, feelings of discouragement are inevitable. Encourage your team to share their ideas and really listen to what they have to say. Not giving people a voice is a great way to stifle their creativity.

Make Top Talent Want to Work at Your Company

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