The Customer’s Always Right… A 3 Part Series on Customer Service Jobs in Las Vegas

The customer service industry is the backbone of Las Vegas. Whether you want to work on The Strip or at one of the many major corporations with offices in the area, there’s no shortage of jobs in this field. Of course, customer service isn’t for everyone, as it takes a very specific personality type to work with the public all day, every day.

Find out what characteristics are needed to thrive in the Las Vegas customer service industry.

4 Traits of an Outstanding Customer Service Professional

Thinking about applying for a job in the customer service industry? You’ll need to have these four qualities to succeed:

Outstanding Listener

Listening to customer needs is a huge part of the job, so you must be willing and able to lend an ear to anyone and everyone. This doesn’t just mean you’re good at nodding your head and smiling while someone talks at you, because you need to be actively listening to solve their problem. Customers don’t appreciate it when they realize the company representative has zoned out during the conversation.


When working in customer service, you’ll be dealing with people who need you to help them solve a problem. Many may be angry, distressed and anxious, so they want to talk to an understanding customer service representative who is sensitive to their situation. If they feel like you’re dismissive and don’t really care about their issue, they’ll take their business elsewhere, so you must have a strong ability to empathize with others.


When working with the public, it’s inevitable that you’re going to encounter some very rude customers. These people are insulting, irrational and just plain mean. Your instincts will tell you to give their nasty attitude right back to them, but instead you’ll need to smile and stay calm. Remaining poised and in control during trying situations can be very challenging, but it’s a must if you want to succeed in this industry.

Team Player

Providing excellent customer service is a group effort. It’s imperative that you’re able to work well with others to deliver the best possible customer experience. You need to have a good working relationship with your colleagues and be willing to pitch in and go above and beyond what’s expected of you to get the job done right.

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