4 Tips to the Graduating Class of UNLV on Landing a Job

Congratulations UNLV Rebels! Four years ago, you stepped onto campus as kids and today, you’re young men and women ready to enter the workforce. Not all fun and games, college likely presented its fair share of challenges, but you pushed through and now you have your degree.

The time has come to start searching for your very first job as a college graduate, so use these tips to present yourself as a polished young professional, eager to get to work.

Revamp Your Resume

There’s good chance you had an internship in college, so you probably already have a resume. Before applying to any jobs, you’ll need to update this to reflect your status as an adult searching for a challenging entry-level position — not a college kid trying to find an internship. Accomplish this by removing all traces of high school from your resume, replacing it with courses, clubs, internships and volunteer experience completed in college.

Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

College life is about having fun and being crazy, but now that you’re in the real world, it’s time to tone down your image. Delete an NSFW photos of you on any social networks, enable privacy settings on accounts you want to keep for personal use and remove all public posts portraying you as anything less than a mature adult professional.

Focus on Networking

Since you grew up in the digital era, you’re an expert at finding jobs online, but sometimes you have to get out from behind your computer screen to get what you really want. Many professional associations offer discounted memberships to new college graduates, so take advantage of this and join a few. Attend at least one networking event per week to make personal connections that could prove invaluable.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

You’re extremely talented, and if you work hard, you will go very far in your career. However, you do need to realize that even the most successful people in the world had to start somewhere to gain experience. Landing an executive job doesn’t happen overnight, so be willing to accept a less-than-glamorous entry-level position to build your skillset.

Make Your Workforce Debut the Right Way

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