Three Benefits of Partnering with Staffing Agencies in Las Vegas

Business is booming in Las Vegas, but as a company leader, you’re already well aware of the massive resurgence happening to the local economy. As competition in your industry begins to heat up, it’s more important than ever to staff your organization the right way.

Managing the hiring process is incredibly time-consuming, and you already have enough on your plate. Taking on a staffing partner allows you to focus on the day-to-day aspects of running your business, while your recruiter takes care of all hiring activities. Learn why partnering with a top Las Vegas staffing firm is a move you’ll never regret.

Fill Open Positions Faster

On average, it takes companies 52 days to fill each open position on their roster, according to 2015 findings from Bersin by Deloitte. Of course, business doesn’t stop while you’re short-staffed, so remaining team members are forced to tack essential tasks onto their existing workload and the rest fall by the wayside.

Conversely, when you work with a staffing partner, they’re able to fill the vacancy almost immediately. Recruiters work hard to maintain talent pools, so often times, they’ll already have the perfect candidate waiting in the wings, but if not, they can provide a highly qualified temporary staffer in the interim, until a permanent fit is found.

Gain Access to Passive Candidates

When you post open positions on job boards and your company website, they’re only seen by people actively looking for work. Sometimes these candidates are the best choice, but not always. Partnering with a staffing agency gives you access to passive candidates in Las Vegas, who otherwise won’t find out about openings at your organization. These people are gainfully employed and happy in their current roles, but would consider moving on for the right new job. Don’t miss your chance to hire the best employee that ever happened to your company.

Stop Paying for Staff You Don’t Need

Employing a host of permanent employees who only have enough work to stay occupied during your busy seasons is a waste of valuable resources. Your staffing partner can help you create an employment plan that seriously lowers your payroll costs. Instead of keeping a huge staff on year-round, take on temporary workers when business picks up, with no commitment to continue their employment when things slow down. All temporary employees will arrive at your company fully trained, so they’re able to hit the ground running from day one.

Choosing the best person for the job is essential to the lasting success of your company. Partner with PrideStaff Las Vegas, 2016 Veteran Owned Business of the Year,  to get it right every time. Contact us today to learn more about the staffing services we have to offer!