Combatting a Drop in Summer Productivity

Typically viewed as the most fun season of the year, summer is a time to relax and bask in the beautiful outdoor weather — albeit very hot in Las Vegas — but work still needs to be done.Bored Employee | Employment in Vegas As the boss, summer can be a very challenging time, because most of your employees are daydreaming about lying poolside, instead of focusing on their jobs. You’re tasked with motivating your team to concentrate on work while they’re in the office, to keep the business running smoothly.

It may seem impossible to energize your employees when they’re in full summer mode, but with a little creative thinking you can make it happen.

Four Ways to Combat a Drop in Summer Productivity

Offer an Incentive

People love a good competition, so create a fun office rivalry by challenging your employees to meet a certain goal by a specific date. Whether you put people on teams, make it an individual contest or treat it as a group effort is up to you, so use your discretion to maximize effectiveness. Inspire them to work hard by offering an incentive that both fits your budget and motivates them — pizza party, extra PTO day, cash bonus, etc.

Switch Up Standard Routines

Monotony is boring, so add a burst of fresh air into your employees’ predictable work days by changing things up a bit. Move a daily team meeting outside, allow people to adjust their work hours, encourage everyone to take breaks, put a ping pong table in the break room, or anything else that effectively makes the day less stagnant.

Relax Your Dress Code

It’s hard to be productive when wearing uncomfortable attire. If long-sleeved shirts, suit coats and pantyhose are part of your dress code, consider loosening the reigns for the summer. The average high temperature in Las Vegas during August is 103 degrees Fahrenheit, so wearing heavy clothing isn’t just unpleasant — it’s also unhealthy.

Allow People to Take Vacations

Managing constant vacation absences during the summer months is rough, but denying your employees the right to use their PTO won’t make them happier or more enthused at work. If you’re worried about having enough people on staff to cover the bases, hire temps to fill in during the summer. Your staffers will be much more efficient when they come back relaxed and refreshed from a fun vacation.

Don’t Lose Traction This Summer

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