Are These the Top Three Qualities of the Modern Employee?

Employees today aren’t the same as they were 10 or 20 years ago. Now that millennials are the largest group of professionals in the workforce, the definition of the modern employee has Qualities of Perfect Employees shifted. These people have different work styles, values and goals, so keep them happy by finding out what drives them.

Top Three Qualities of the Modern Employee

Desire to Learn

In the past, many workers were content doing the same job for years, feeling comfortable knowing precisely how to perform every responsibility associated with the position. Conversely, modern employees enjoy challenging themselves. These people are constantly looking forward to the next step, so they value a company that invests in their career development. From mentoring and tuition assistance benefits to the ability to attend industry conferences and training sessions, the more information they can soak up, the better.

Need for Constant Feedback

Once a dreaded annual task enjoyed by no one, performance reviews are deeply valued by modern employees. However, simply meeting with them once or twice a year doesn’t cut it anymore, as they want constant feedback on what they’re doing well and areas for improvement. Keep these employees engaged by putting regular one-on-one meetings on the calendar and spending the time focusing on their performance, helping them achieve their goals for the future and listening to their ideas for the company.


People used to dread group projects, but the tables have turned, with modern employees actually preferring it. This crop of workers enjoys collaborating with their peers and working together to solve problems, generate new ideas and accomplish big things together. Excessive amounts of solo work feels isolating to employees who are social in nature and truly enjoy working with their peers. When possible, appease this desire by turning traditionally one-person jobs into a project for two or simply assigning the team a list of tasks and allowing them to accomplish the objectives on their own terms.

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