Igniting Your Personal Fire When Your Job Becomes Stagnant

It’s beyond discouraging to keep searching and searching for a new job, but continuously coming up empty. If your job search has been going on for months, it’s time to change things up. Not only is following the same old routine clearly not working, it’s probably become monotonous, causing boredom to set in.

When you lose your passion for the job search, it’s hard to become excited even when you spot an incredible opportunity. Use these tips to enhance your strategy and boost your confidence levels, allowing your hopeful outlook for the future to come rushing back.

 Give Your Resume an Overhaul

If you’re submitting applications everywhere, but hearing crickets, your resume is probably to blame. Consider working with an expert resume writer to give it a complete overhaul, so it’s sure to catch the eye of even the most discerning hiring managers. Ask for tips to help you customize this key document for each and every opportunity you apply for, as this is the secret to getting noticed.

When you know you have a seriously impressive resume working for you, it’s impossible to not feel excited about submitting it everywhere.

Pursue Informational Interviews

Make connections with professionals in your industry you admire and get an “in” at companies you’re interested in working for by requesting informational interviews. Use LinkedIn, personal connections or even contact information on a company’s HR site to reach out and request an informational interview with a specific person or someone with a job title you’d like to have someday. Meet with the person to learn more about how they got to this point in their career, learn more about the company and get on their radar.

This is a great way to remind yourself what you’re working towards and if you make a great impression, there’s a very good chance your new contact will reach out when they hear about a position that meets your needs.

Consider Temporary Work

Since you’re searching for a permanent position, you probably hadn’t considered taking on temporary work in the interim, but this is great way to boost your resume, skills and self-esteem. Temporary opportunities allow you to work in a variety of roles at many different companies, so you can flesh out your resume in no time at all. Plus, many employers choose to hire outstanding temps at the end of their contract, so this could be the best thing that ever happened to your career.

If you’re currently out of work or employed, but beyond ready to try something new, temporary employment can be the breath of fresh air you desperately need.

Get the Job You Deserve

Finding the right new job for your skills and interests is hard work, so allow PrideStaff Las Vegas to lead your search. We offer a variety of temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions with some of the top employers in the region. Contact us today to learn more!