Let’s Get to the Point…How Should You Ask for a Raise?

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“Question Originally Appeared on Quora“: How Do You Ask Your Boss for a Raise?

If you’re like most people, asking your boss for a raise is something you probably dread. Requesting a pay increase is incredibly nerve-wracking, because you have no idea how your manager will take it. The last thing you want is to appear entitled or demanding, but requesting the salary you deserve is neither.

You’re an incredibly talented, hardworking professional and you deserve to receive a fair salary. If it’s been more than a year since your last pay raise, you need to take the initiative to ensure you’re properly compensated. As one of the leading employment agencies in Las Vegas, we’re here to help you ask for a raise the right way — and get it!

Four Tips to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

Time it Right

Raises are often granted during annual performance reviews or on employee anniversaries, but waiting could cause you to miss out. Many companies only have a limited amount of money for annual pay increases, so time your request a few months before you actually expect to receive the salary bump, to ensure there’s plenty of money still available to fund your request. Additionally, be sure the organization is in a healthy financial state, because you’ll appear out of touch with the business if you request more money when the company is struggling.

Know Your Value

Your boss probably isn’t aware of every accomplishment you’ve achieved since your last raise, so come to the meeting prepared with a list of your successes. When possible, include numbers to really drive your point home and make your value clear. For example, share how much money a new process you developed saved the company last year or the amount of new business you’ve brought into the organization since you were hired.

Make a Reasonable Request

Most annual salary increases average in the 3% to 5% range, so request an amount of money that makes sense. If your company has salary caps for each position, use this to determine a reasonable pay increase that doesn’t exceed previously defined constraints. If possible, leave room for negotiation by requesting a bit more than you expect to receive. Of course, it’s important to be realistic with your appeal, because asking for an exorbitant raise will just make you appear irrational.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Hopefully your request for a higher salary will be granted, but it certainly isn’t guaranteed. If you’re not able to get the raise you want, find out what you can do to change this in the future. Whether there simply isn’t enough money to make your request happen right now or your boss feels you still have work to do before you’ve earned a pay increase, it’s important to know where you stand.

Find Fulfilling Work

As a talented, hardworking professional, you deserve a well-paying job that makes you feel excited to go to work each day. PrideStaff Las Vegas is committed to helping you fit the right fit for your skills and interests. Contact us today to learn more about the temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions we’re working to fill with people like you!