Three Ways to Effectively Tell Your Team You’ve Hired New Employees

Things have never been better at your company. In fact, business has spiked so much, your team can barely keep up. Expanding your staff to continue growing your company and meet the seemingly never-ending demand is a must. Of course, you realize this so you’ve already gone ahead and hired a bunch of new employees — now it’s time to break the news to your staff.

PrideStaff Las Vegas is one of the most successful Las Vegas employment agencies, so we understand that change is necessary to keep your business moving forward. Of course, if it’s not handled properly, it will make your existing team feel threated. Your staff is used to working in a tight-knit team with people they know and trust, so you need to approach the subject gingerly. Use these three tips from our recruiting experts present this news in a positive manner, so your employees understand it’s a great move for everyone.

Provide Reassurance of Job Stability

It’s only natural for current staffers to feel threatened when they find out you’re expanding the team. Many people will immediately wonder if they’re being replaced, so make it clear from the start that no one is going anywhere.

Explain the Need for the New Hires

Your employees are rational people, so present them with a business case for hiring new staffers. Explain each new person’s role, how it will promote the greater good of the company and the benefits the team will realize by having more hands on deck.

Give Plenty of Advance Warning

People are bound to feel a bit betrayed if you wait to tell them about the new hires until they’re about to start. Gather your staff as soon as the job offers are accepted, so they feel included in the shift and have time to process it before the new employees arrive for their first day.

Take the time to answer every question your staffers have, so they feel comfortable with their newly expanded team. Work together to define the roles of the new employees, so no one inadvertently steps on anyone else’s toes. If you play your cards right, in no time at all it will feel like the team has been intact for years.

Build the Best Team in Las Vegas

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