Creating Kick-Ass Customer Service Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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Your customer service team is the front line of your organization, so each and every person must be incredible. Just one poor experience can turn a customer away from your Las Vegas recruiting agency | PrideStaff Las Vegascompany forever — and many will take to social media to share the encounter with their followers. PrideStaff Las Vegas — a top Las Vegas recruiting agency — knows being informed is the best way to make good hiring decisions.

These days, an increasing amount of customer service is self-serve, allowing people to get the information needed at lightning-fast speed and your company to cut payroll costs. However, you still need a staff of real-life humans ready and waiting to assist with issues that can’t be completed through automation.

Try as they might, all personality types are not destined for a career in customer service. Some people are just excellent at working with the public. Find out how to choose candidates who have what it takes to provide the level of service your customers deserve.

The Best Type of Customer Service Rep

Using research from a global, cross-industry study, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review highlighted seven types of customer service reps — the controller, the rock, the accommodator, the empathizer, the hard worker, the innovator and the competitor. Results revealed that empathetic reps were the most common, but the controller personality type was the most effective.

Characterized by HBR as outspoken and opinionated, with a penchant for displaying expertise and leading the customer interaction, controllers want to make a difference. To learn more about what it takes to attract controllers to a customer service role, HBR studied a panel of more than 1,000 job seekers, classified each participant into one of the seven personality types and dug in to learn more about their interest in customer service jobs.

Researchers found that controllers were interested in customer service jobs, but turned off by standard job descriptions that accompany these roles. For example, a posting requiring candidates to follow standard administrative processes doesn’t cut it for these professionals. Far front content with being treated like a robot, these people want the freedom to use their own judgment when solving customer service issues. Of course, if this is the exact opposite way your customer service team currently operates, hiring controllers would mean you need to revamp standard processes, procedures, and management styles.

Initiating a major cultural shift is a huge undertaking, but it could seriously boost your customer satisfaction rankings. Keep this in mind the next time you need to fill a customer service position.

Build a Dynamic Team

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