How to Prove Organizational Impact in Your Cover Letter

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Anything but a formality, your cover letter introduces you to the hiring manager and explains why you should advance to the next step in the hiring process. Many candidates make Las Vegas Temp Jobsthe mistake of hastily throwing a few generic paragraphs together — or skipping this step entirely — and wonder why they don’t receive an invitation to interview.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a Las Vegas temp opportunity or a full-time gig, if your cover letter doesn’t explain what you have to offer, you won’t get hired. Follow these tips to write a cover letter proving the impact you’ll make if given the chance to step into the role.

Highlight Relevant Strengths

Start your cover letter off strong by wasting no time explaining why you’re the right fit. From the very first paragraph, share relevant, skills, experience and achievements that have prepared you to excel in the role. Use the job description as reference to find out exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in the ideal candidate and make it clear you are this person — and more.

Back Your Claims Up With Stats

Numbers don’t lie, so prove your fit for the job by incorporating stats as much as possible. For example, if you’re applying for a job as a customer service associate, state that you had the highest customer service rating on the team for 10 consecutive months in 2016, instead of vaguely nothing that your rating is consistently high.

Display Enthusiasm

Without motivation, talent is essentially useless, so demonstrate your interest in the company by researching it. Use your findings to explain why you’re a fit for the culture, highlight a problem the company is currently facing and how you can fix it or describe what excites you most about the possibility of joining the team.

Write it From Scratch

The hiring manager will likely read dozens of cover letters for this position alone, so if yours follows a generic fill-in-the-blank template it will blend in with the crowd. Taking the time to write your cover letter from a blank page helps you stand out and shows you’re really serious about this specific opportunity. Putting in extra effort now offers a glimpse at how you’ll tackle the job, if hired.

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