These are The Most Important Business Communication Skills

When hiring new talent, companies seek candidates with a solid mix of hard and soft skills. The bulk of the latter leads back to communication, so if you can’t express yourself, you won’t


get very far in business.

Whether you’re searching for temp jobs in Las Vegas or a full-time position, you need a sharp set of business communication skills. Essential both to articulate your thoughts and work well with others, brush up on these abilities to get ahead.

Five Business Communication Skills to Master

Verbal Communication

An idea might sound great in your head, but if you can’t clearly explain it, you won’t be able to bring it to fruition. If you literally have trouble speaking what’s on your mind, improve your verbal communication skills by thinking before you speak and preparing remarks before meetings. Slowly, but surely, your abilities will improve, and so will your confidence.

Written Communication

Some people have a natural ability to write, but others need a little fine-tuning. Even if writing isn’t a huge part of your job, you still need people to understand your emails and other written correspondence. Improve your skills by spending a little more time on each piece. Check for spelling and grammatical errors that would make your message hard to understand, and keep your audience in mind when writing.


If you can’t work well with others, you won’t succeed in business. Every workplace is composed of a very diverse group of people. You’ll really mesh with some, and won’t care for others at all. Despite any differences with colleagues, you always need to treat everyone with respect. Be reliable, know your role, work toward shared objectives that benefit the entire group, be willing to pitch in when someone needs help and take pride in your work.


One of the most important aspects of communication involves saying nothing at all. Not only is listening to your colleagues a sign of respect, it’s also the only way to get work done right. If your listening skills need a boost, practice remaining silent — no interrupting — when spoken to. Give the other person your full attention and wait until they’re finished speaking to add your two cents.


Connections are everything in business, so you should always be networking — even when you’re not actively seeking work. Some people are naturals at schmoozing, but this is a skill you can learn. Prior to a networking event, prepare an elevator pitch, so you don’t have to awkwardly fumble over words trying to explain the job you have or the one you want. If you’re nervous to attend an event alone, bring a friend. When conversing with potential contacts, smile a lot, ask questions and end the conversation by exchanging business cards. Stay in touch by following up a day or two later.


Get the Job You Want

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