The Strategy Behind Keeping Your Staff Productive When They’re Losing Interest in the Task At Hand

Summer is here and your employees’ minds are elsewhere. As much as they enjoy their work, most would rather be on a beach sipping drinks with umbrellas in them. Hopefully, some will get the chance to do this later on, but right now, they’re at work and you need them to be productive.

PrideStaff Las Vegas — one of the top staffing agencies in Las Vegas — understands how hard it is to keep employees moving forward when they’re losing interest in a task. Luckily, there’s a few simple remedies to this problem.

Four Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated Until the Job is Done

Empower Them

Get employees to work their hardest by giving them the freedom to complete the task on their own terms. Knowing you trust their judgment feels great, so they won’t want to disappoint you. This should reignite the spark they had for the project when they first started it.

Tie Tasks Into the Big Picture

On its own, this assignment might seem trivial. Sometimes it’s hard for employees to realize the significance of their work, so offer a reminder. Explain how their little piece of the puzzle will impact others and help reach broader organizational goals. Knowing their work matters will make them see they’re part of a larger effort, and no one wants to let the team down.

Offer an Incentive

Nothing motivates employees faster than the potential of a reward. Giving them a personal stake in the completion of the project — e.g., free lunch, gift card, extra vacation day — will encourage them to get back to work. Rouse the whole team by creating a friendly competition that makes finishing the project much more fun.

Show Gratitude

It’s hard for employees to stay enthused when they don’t feel appreciated. Engage your staff by making a point to thank them for their efforts. Call out workers who exceed expectations and let them know their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. A little recognition is often all it takes to inspire people.

Hire the Best

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