How to Effectively Work With a Coworker Who Always Seems to Be Slacking

Dealing with a coworker who doesn’t pull their weight is never fun. Whether you work for a staffing agency in Las Vegas or a traditional employer, it’s always frustrating to have a chronically lazy colleague who rarely delivers.

You’re focused and ready to go when you walk through the office door each morning. In fact, you often come in early, stay late and work through lunch. Your colleague does none of these things, so it’s especially maddening when they spend an inordinate amount of time taking personal calls and browsing the Internet.

This person is driving you crazy, so it’s time to make a change for the better.

4 Tips to Work With a Lazy CoWorker

Get on the Same Page

It’s possible your colleague isn’t slacking on purpose. They might not realize what’s expected of them or are afraid to ask for help on tasks they don’t know how to complete. If appropriate — i.e. you’re working on a project together — clearly lay out what they need to be doing and all pertinent deadlines. Check to make sure they know how to complete the assignment and politely offer to walk them through it if there’s any confusion.

Avoid Doing Their Work for Them

As a naturally ambitious, deadline-driven person, you’re probably inclined to just do some of the person’s work for them — but don’t. This just adds extra work to your already busy schedule, and it sets a poor precedent. If you start doing the person’s work now, they’ll expect you to keep doing it in the future.

Don’t Let Them Bring You Down

Working with a lazy colleague is exasperating, but don’t let them get to you. It’s easier said than done, but spending all day angry because the person isn’t doing their job or allowing their laziness to rub off on you will only make the problem worse. Focus on yourself and how amazing you are, instead of wasting your energy on the slacker sitting next to you.

Talk to Your Boss

If your lazy colleague is impacting your work, let your boss know. Explain that their lack of work is causing you to have to put in extra hours and/or holding up deadlines. From there, all you can do is let them handle the situation and keep on doing amazing work.

Think twice about running to your boss’s office if you’re not personally impacted by your slacker coworker. Unless you’re certain this is something your boss wants to know, steer clear of making yourself look like a nosy tattletale.

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