What Is Your Best Hiring Tip?

Hiring in Las Vegas

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: “What Is Your Best Hiring Tip?”Hiring in Las Vegas

As one of the most highly-sought temporary agencies in Las Vegas, the expert recruiters at PrideStaff Las Vegas are frequently asked to share their top hiring tip. Choosing the right person for the job is a multifaceted process, but one strategy stands out from the rest — hire for cultural fit.

Simply put, if a new hire doesn’t fit into your company culture, they won’t last. Not only will you be back at square one, someone who doesn’t blend with the team can majorly disrupt morale.

If your hiring strategy doesn’t currently revolve around cultural fit, it’s time to make a change. Find out how to institute strategies that will help you find the best possible people to work for your company.

Three Ways to Hire for Cultural Fit

Make Interviews a Team Initiative

When meeting with candidates one-on-one, it’s easy to miss signs that can signify the person’s cultural fit — or lack thereof. Invite immediate team members to meet with each contender during the interview process, so everyone can weigh in. Candidates will likely behave a little differently in a group setting, making it easier for you to gauge their fit.

Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

During a job interview ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions just don’t cut it. Behavioral interview questions like ‘Tell me about a time you felt overwhelmed at work’ or ‘Share a little about your preferred management style’ offer key insights into the candidate’s personality. Requiring candidates to give detailed responses helps you learn more about them, so you can decide if they’re right for the team.

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Don’t Focus Exclusively on Skills

It’s exciting to read a candidate’s resume that checks every box associated with the position, but don’t be too quick to judge. A perfect skills fit isn’t always the right person for the job, because personality is such a key factor. If you’re given the choice of a candidate who is a perfect skills match or someone whose personality fits right in with the team, always choose the latter. Skills can be learned, but you probably won’t have much luck trying to change an employee’s natural disposition.

Hire Wisely

Filling job openings on your team is hard work, but you don’t have to go it alone. PrideStaff Las Vegas strongly believes in the importance of cultural fit, so you can count on us to present you with candidates who have both the skills and personality needed to shine at your company. Contact us today to make a plan!