Three Management Strategies for Overseeing Team Members Who Don’t Get Along

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In a perfect world, your employees would get along like one big happy work family but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that. Your team is composed of a variety of people from various backgrounds, with very different personalities, which can result in some unpleasant clashes.

As one of the most successful Las Vegas staffing agencies, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands that every workplace isn’t filled with peaceful harmony all the time. If two or more of your employees are embattled in conflict, it’s time to nip the issue in the bud, before it divides your staff and halts productivity.

Use these three tips to manage employees who can’t — or won’t — stop bickering.

Get to the Root of the Problem

On the surface, taking a hands-off approach might seem like the best solution, considering your employees are adults who should be able to solve own problems. Unfortunately, this probably won’t work. It’s very possible the underlying issue is something you need to deal with as the boss — i.e. one person isn’t pulling their weight — so it won’t get fixed without you.

Speak with each person involved individually to hear their side of the story. From there, use your best judgment to figure out what’s really going on.

Find a Solution

After you’ve heard all the facts, you’ll need to determine a fair way to resolve the issue. You don’t want either person to feel slighted or like you’ve chosen sides, so try to remain unbiased.

Gather all those involved and explain the solution you’ve crafted. Make it clear you expect everyone to comply, and detail what will happen if anyone doesn’t get onboard with your attempt to move beyond the

Keep a Close Watch on the Situation

Carefully monitor the behavior of the team members involved, to ensure they’re making an effort to get past their differences. If you observe anyone conducting themselves in a manner you don’t agree with, take the person aside and talk to them immediately.

Build a Cohesive Team

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