Resume Round-Up (Part 1) – How to Effectively Showcase Your Skills at a Past Job

Your work history is a story of your professional past, but if you’re not sharing it effectively, you can’t expect to get hired. Whether you’ve been in the workforce for decades or are a relative newcomer, you’ll have to work hard to prove you’re the perfect fit for any job you set your sites on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for temp jobs in Las Vegas or a full-time opportunity, you won’t get hired if the employer doesn’t think you’re right for the job. Find out how to put your professional history to work.

Three Ways to Effectively Showcase Your Past Work Experience

Share Specific Examples

A list of skills on a resume gives the reader a general idea of what you have to offer, but provides no context. Highlight the breadth of your experience by providing specific examples from your past. Effectively putting your money where your mouth is proves you really do have the skills and experience you claim, which will enhance your credibility.

Quantify Results

Hiring managers know many candidates elaborate when describing their past work experience, but numbers tell the raw truth. Showcase experience from your past jobs by quantifying your accomplishments. For example, instead of simply saying you had a high customer satisfaction rating, drive that point home by adding that your customer satisfaction rating was 95%.

Whether on a resume or during a job interview, quantifying your experience is always an effective way to make your fit clear. Increase your chances of getting hired by finding a way to work impressive numerical values into as many statements as possible about your work history.

Tailor It to Fit the Job

Employers always focus on your work history, because it helps them gauge your fit for the job at their company. Make this as easy as possible for them by explaining how your past experience has prepared you for the position. For example, share an accomplishment from a previous job that would help you solve a problem currently faced by the company.

Achieve Your Potential

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