How Can You Improve Your Interviewing Efficiency in 2018?

PrideStaff Las Vegas

Hiring a new employee is a very important task you don’t want to rush through. However, dragging your feet puts a strain on your existing staffers and can cause you to miss out on your top choice.

The average time-to-hire in the U.S. is 23.8 days, according to a 2017 study conducted by Glassdoor Economic Research, so if yours exceeds this, it’s time to make a change. As one of the leading temporary employment agencies in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands the importance of having an efficient interview process, so use these tips to make a few much-needed improvements.

Four Ways to Improve Interview Efficiency

Make Job Descriptions Clear

If candidates often come into the interview thinking the job is something it’s not, that’s on you. Ambiguous job titles and descriptions might sound creative, but they don’t accomplish anything beyond attracting the wrong candidates. Get the right crop of people onboard by using job titles and descriptions that accurately represent the position. This will allow the job to appear in online searches conducted by your target audience and ensure all candidates that appear on your doorstep know what the job is all about.

Take Advantage of Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is an investment, but if you choose the right product, it will pay itself back pretty quickly. Systems like video recruiting software allow you to interview long-distance candidates — or even local contenders, if you wish — in a quick and cost-effective manner. Applicant tracking systems make it easy to manage all stages of the hiring process, while keeping candidates in the loop.

Sync Up With Other Interviewers

Chances are, most candidates are interviewed by several people at your company, so take advantage of this chance to ask as many unique questions as possible. Before anyone interviews the person, get together, decide which questions to ask and divide them up. This ensures the person won’t be asked the same question multiple times, and allows you to get as much as possible from each interview.

Confer With Other Interviews Immediately

When interviewing multiple candidates, people start to blend together. This can make it hard to remember each person’s responses and how you felt about them, so don’t delay the group discussion. As soon as the candidate leaves the building, gather everyone who interviewed them and trade notes immediately. This ensures you won’t get the person confused with someone else or forget important details.

Find the Right Fit

Team up with PrideStaff Las Vegas to take the guesswork out of hiring. We’ll take care of the initial screening interviews, so all you’ll have to do is meet with top contenders and make your final pick. Contact us today to learn more!

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