Resume Round-Up (Part 3) – How to Properly List Awards and Honors Received While Working

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You’re a very talented professional, so it’s no surprise you’ve been given several awards and honors throughout your career. Rightfully so, you’re proud of these achievements and you want to show them off on your resume.

As one of the top temp agencies in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows the right awards and honors can add serious weight to your resume. If the hiring manager is trying to decide between you and another candidate, knowing others have recognized your outstanding work ethic and character can make the decision go in your favor.

How to Properly List Awards and Honors on Your Resume

Follow these tips to include professional accolades you’ve received in a manner that boosts your candidacy.

Create a Separate Section

Awards and honors sing your praises, so don’t let them get lost in the mix. If you try to work them into your skills or experience sections, they’ll lose some of their shine. Avoid this by adding an entire awards and honors section to your resume. Place it at the bottom of the document, so it’s the last thing the reader sees.

Be Selective

The awards and honors listed on your resume should directly validate your candidacy. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to share every accolade you’ve ever received. Choose only those that directly relate to the job at-hand or highlight your glowing character. For example, if you received an employee of the year award at your current job or were honored for your volunteer work, these are the type of accolades that will really make you stand out.

Share Relevant Details

Context validates awards and honors, so share a little about each one listed. You’ll want to include the date of receipt, purpose of award, accomplishment recognized and the level you were recognized at — i.e., national, regional, local, company-wide. There’s no need to go into elaborate detail, but explaining the award in a sentence or two will give it weight.

Be the Best Person for the Job

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