Looking to Expand Your Workforce? Hiring for Skill is Equally as Important as Hiring for the Right Cultural Fit

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When sorting through piles of resumes, it’s easy to get distracted by those with the flashiest credentials, but the best candidates on paper aren’t always the right choice. As one of the most Hiring for Skill | PrideStaff Las Vegas successful employment agencies in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows cultural fit is crucial.

If a candidate doesn’t share the same beliefs, attitudes and behaviors as the rest of your team, they won’t last. Skills can be learned, but personality traits are harder, if not impossible, to change.

Four Tips to Hire for Cultural Fit

Include the Team in the Hiring Process

The benefits of making interviewing a team effort are two-fold — the candidate gets to see how the group interacts together and you get lots of feedback on contenders.

Giving the person a firsthand look at the team in action is a preview of sorts of what their life will be like if hired. This will make the right candidates even more excited, and can help those not suited for the job realize this when they still have an easy out.

When conducting interviews on your own, it’s easy to miss clues that a candidate isn’t a good fit for your company culture. However, having several people weigh in can provide the perspective needed to pass on the person.

Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

In many cases, questions requiring a “yes” or “no” response are suitable to determine a skills fit, but they don’t do much to gauge a candidate’s ability to mesh with your culture. Questions like “Describe your ideal work environment” and “How do you feel about becoming friends with co-workers?” can help you decide if the person is right for your team.

Review Candidates’ Social Media Presence

Social media is an incredible tool for hiring managers. If the candidate has a public social media presence, review it to learn more about their personality. This will give you a more well-rounded look at the person, so you can make an informed decision about their fit for the team.

If you take this route, you won’t be alone. A whopping 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates, 43% check Facebook and 22% review candidates on Twitter, according to the 2016 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report.

Check References

No one can speak to a candidate’s ideal cultural fit better than those who have worked with them. When you’ve found your top choice, checking references can feel like a waste of time, but it’s not. Some employers won’t tell you much beyond the candidate’s dates of employment, but other references may reveal information that could keep you from making a very big hiring mistake.

Hire Right Every Time

Finding the best person for the job is hard work, so leave the heavy lifting to PrideStaff Las Vegas. Contact us today to find the right temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire candidate for your team.


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