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First impressions mean a lot, and your resume is the likely first time your name will come across a potential employer’s desk. Therefore, it needs to shine.Resume Improvement Tips | PrideStaff Las Vegas

As one of the top Las Vegas employment agencies, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands the importance of a flawless resume. You agree with this, and always proofread yours several times before submitting. This is a fantastic habit, but you still need to take it a step further and have another set of eyes review it too — preferably someone with expertise on the matter.

3 Reasons to Have Your Resume Proofread

You’re Not a Professional Writer

No doubt about it, you’re a bright person with good writing skills. In fact, you might not have asked any friends or family members to proofread your resume in the past, because you know you’re the best writer of the bunch.

The thing is, you’re not a professional writer, so even if your resume looks flawless to you, there’s a chance you’ve made a mistake only an expert could catch. Consider hiring someone with resume-writing experience to handle proofreading duties, as this is an investment that will pay itself back many times over.

You’re Too Close to the Content

When you write something, the content inevitably becomes intimately familiar. Since the words are already running through your brain, it can be difficult to spot even the most glaring of errors, because your mind is on autopilot.

Even professional writers have editors who proofread their work, because it’s common knowledge that these two tasks shouldn’t be completed by the same person. No matter how many times you review your resume copy yourself, you shouldn’t feel truly confident that it’s error-free until it’s reviewed by another set of eyes.

Errors Will Cost You the Job

From a hiring manager’s prospective, errors on a resume are alarming, because this is where you should be presenting the most polished version of yourself. If you can’t be bothered to submit a flawless resume, the reader will assume you’re either careless and lazy or don’t really want the job. Either way, your application will be swiftly tossed to the reject pile.

Put Your Best Self Forward

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