A Look at How Artificial Intelligence Might Impact the Hiring Process Before 2019

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is out to change the world. Chances are, your life has already been impacted by this phenomenon, but you might not realize it.


As one of the top staffing agencies in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas is excited about all the ways AI will enhance the hiring process in the future. However, in some cases, the future is now, because AI might begin to impact hiring this year. Take a look at how some companies are already starting to use this new technology to make hiring more efficient.

3 Ways AI is Changing Hiring in 2018

Speed Up the Hiring Process

The candidate selection process is multifaceted, and many of these aspects are very time-consuming. Instead of having a recruiter complete every task manually, AI can automate many of them, which ultimately shortens the time-to-hire.

Some of the responsibilities AI can take control of include resume screening and scheduling interviews with candidates. When the recruiter doesn’t have to physically oversee the completion of each of these tasks, they’re free to focus on more important duties that truly require their attention. A shorter time-to-hire will save your company money and allow you to secure more of your first-pick candidates.

Boost Quality of Hire

Like every company, you’re constantly searching for ways to hire better. AI can help improve quality of hire by gathering and analyzing data to help you find candidates who truly are the best person for the job.

Right now, there’s a wealth of information at your fingertips, but until recently, there wasn’t a real way to tie it together to choose candidates who are an all-around fit for the job. This type of AI software is now emerging, so expect to see more of it this year.

Create a Better Candidate Experience

Recruiters have a lot on their plate, so personally guiding each candidate through the hiring process is out of the question. Of course, this can cause applicants to feel disengaged, because they don’t know where they stand. AI can change this by automatically sending status updates to candidates to keep the lines of communication open.

Whether you want people to know you’re still reviewing their application or that they weren’t selected to move forward, AI software can keep them in the loop. Improving your candidate experience will boost your company’s reputation because the increased communication will make applicants feel valued.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

Hiring right isn’t easy, so leave the work to the experts. PrideStaff Las Vegas has the knowledge and experience needed to fill your temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions with the very best candidates every time. Contact us today to make hiring a breeze!