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Finding a great new job isn’t easy, so you have to put your best self forward. Whether you want to be a temp in Las Vegas or are in search of direct hire opportunities, the resume you submit directly impacts your chances of success.

The key to making a lasting first impression is to tailor your resume to fit the job at hand. You know you’re supposed to take this step, but if you’re like many job seekers, you might try to skip it. It definitely takes extra time to customize your resume, but if you don’t do it, you won’t stand out.

Three Tips to Tailor Your Resume to Perfection

Incorporate Keywords

When reading the job description, highlight words and phrases used multiple times in the text. Find a way to work these keywords and phrases into your resume copy in a natural-sounding manner. Showing you speak the company’s language will allow the reader to instantly relate to you. Plus, if keyword scanning software is used to review incoming resumes, this will ensure yours contains a high enough percentage to make the cut.

Emphasize Relevant Skills

You have a wealth of skills, but all your talents aren’t applicable to the job. As noted in a previous post in this series, the best way to show your fit for the position is to underline your job-related abilities. This also makes it clear you understand the position and the skills needed to succeed in it. There’s no need to take up valuable resume real estate listing expertise that won’t be an asset to the job.

Display Cultural Fit

If you think you can’t demonstrate cultural fit on a resume, you are very mistaken. There’s plenty of subtle ways to show the reader that your values align with the company’s. Carefully review the organization’s website, blog and social media presence to learn as much as possible about its culture. Use your findings to subtly weave your fit into your resume copy. For example, if providing outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of the company, use several bullet points to showcase your dedication to client satisfaction.

Make a Lasting First Impression

Team up with PrideStaff Las Vegas to get your dream job! We have the contacts and you have the talent, so contact us today to start your search for a temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire opportunity that makes you excited to go to work each day.

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