Helping Friend with Resume

As a good friend, you enjoy helping your pals out. Whenever they need something, you’re always happy to assist, including reviewing their resume. Now that you’ve read it over, you have several critiques, but you’re afraid your honest feedback will offend them.

You want to help, but you also don’t want to risk losing a friend. As a top temp agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands your predicament. The key to successfully relaying any less-than-flattering comments is in your delivery. Learn how to do it right.

Three Tips to Give Your Friend Honest Resume Feedback

Highlight the Good

Boost your friend’s confidence by starting your critique with praise. This will be more challenging with some resumes than others, but your relationship with them should help you find a good angle to focus on. This will put them in a good mood and keep their guard down. People are more receptive to feedback when they don’t feel like they’re being attacked.

Offer Specific Ways to Improve

Your friend came to you for help with their resume, so they clearly value your opinion. Provide specific tips for improvement, because vague feedback isn’t particularly helpful. Your comments should be clear and concise, so there’s no room for confusion. Be ready to explain the reasoning behind your advice, as it might be obvious to you, but not to them.

Don’t Make it Personal

When giving resume feedback, keep the focus on the document itself is a must. Sharing their resume might make your friend feel vulnerable, so be sensitive to that. Even if you mean it in a light-hearted manner, never say anything like ‘You’re a terrible writer’ or ‘What were you thinking with this resume?’ because you’ll probably offend them. Not only could this damage your friendship, it could also cause them to tune out all the feedback you have to offer that could help them.

Help a Friend Out

You want your friends to achieve their career ambitions, so refer them to PrideStaff Las Vegas. We’ll review their resume — so you don’t have to — and help them plan their next step. Tell your friends to contact us today to connect with top local employers ready to put them to work!

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