The Guide to Presenting New Ideas to Your Team…and Getting Their Buy-In!

Getting Team Buy In | Staffing Las Vegas

As the boss, it’s your job to push your team toward innovation. Presenting new ideas challenges employees and keeps your company on the cutting edge, but getting their buy-in isn’t always easy.

Here at PrideStaff Las Vegas, we know people are creatures of habit. Running a top staffing agency in Las Vegas allows us to frequently see both candidates and employers resist change. The unknown can be intimidating, but instead of becoming discouraged by your team’s reluctance, use these tips to get them excited about trying something new.

How to Successfully Present New Ideas to Your Team

Detail Its Importance

If employees don’t understand the reason you want to implement a new idea, it can be hard for them to wrap their heads around it. When presenting the initiative, explain the benefits it offers. For example, implementing a new process might allow a task to be completed 25% faster and 30% cheaper. Getting everyone on the same page will help them accept the plan.

Explain How Each Person Fits In

A new idea impacts everyone expected to help implement it. When employees don’t understand what their role will be, they become apprehensive. Ease their minds by detailing exactly what you expect from each person. Failing to properly explain the plan can cause people to panic, fueling a rumor mill that can easily spin out of control.

Encourage People to Ask Questions

When something changes at work, people are bound to have questions. Some might not feel comfortable speaking up without being prompted, so encourage them to ask anything. Take all questions seriously, so employees don’t feel intimidated into staying silent. If people are able to get their concerns off their chest, they’ll feel much better about the change ahead.

Request Feedback

It’s a lot easier to accept change when you’re part of it. Ask employees to weigh in with things they like and dislike about the new idea. Really listen to their comments and implement those that make sense. You hired really talented people, so take this opportunity to improve your plan with their suggestions.

Find a Candidate With Passion

Steering a job search is hard work, so stop trying to go it alone. The experts at PrideStaff Las Vegas are here to fill your temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions with professionals who can’t wait to join your team. Contact us today to get started!


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