5 Things You Never Want Employees Saying About You

As the boss, you play a big role in your employees’ lives. If you treat them well, they probably respect you and enjoy their jobs. However, workers who don’t feel like they have the best manager won’t think twice about sharing this sentiment with others. 

When running a business that provides professional services in Las Vegas, you need a great relationship with your employees. If your company gains a reputation as a less-than-idea place to work, you’ll have trouble attracting top talent.  

If your employees are saying any of these five things about you — to your face or behind your back — it’s time to make some changes for the better.

1. You’re a micromanager

Being in a position of power is a lot of pressure, so wanting to stay in control makes sense. However, there’s a big difference between knowing what your employees are working on and constantly telling them how to do their jobs.  

If you’re known as a micromanager, you’re driving the team crazy. It might be hard at first, but it’s time to back off and give your employees some space. You hired great people, so trust them to do their work to the best of their ability.

2. You don’t pay well

Being branded as cheap is never a good thing. Value is closely tied to money, so if you’re underpaying employees, they probably don’t feel appreciated. 

Employees’ salaries directly impact their quality of life, so try your best to pay competitive rates. If you simply don’t have the budget to match — or surpass — industry averages for your local area, offer enticing perks to show your team how much you value them. 

3. You guilt them for taking vacation days

If you make it difficult for people to take the paid time off they’ve rightfully earned, people will talk. It’s certainly fair to expect employees to work hard, but they also need time away from the office to relax and recharge. 

Keep people happy by granting as many vacation requests as possible. It’s okay if you need to black out certain times due to busy periods, but explain this to your team and share these dates as early as possible.  

4. You put too much pressure on them

Your team is talented, but they’re only human. Placing unrealistic obligations on them sets them up to fail.  

If you frequently create goals with impracticable timelines or other parameters that just don’t make sense, your team is probably stressed to the max trying to make the impossible happen. Burnout often occurs when employees have no work-life balance, so learn to manage your expectations or hire more people.

5. You don’t have time for them

No doubt, you’re a busy person, but always make time for your employees. When people have questions, comments and concerns, they shouldn’t have to schedule time a week in advance to talk to you. 

Putting your employees first makes them feel respected. Showing them how much they matter will boost their levels of job satisfaction. 

Choose the Right People

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