How “Ghosting” Your Candidates Can Kill Your Small Business

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You have a very bad habit. When you decide which candidate you want to hire, you conveniently forget everyone else. 

Anyone who provides quality hiring support in Las Vegas will tell you this isn’t the way to do business. People invest a lot of time and energy applying and interviewing for jobs at your company.  

Sure, ultimately, only one candidate can be selected, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to let the others down gently. Informing them they weren’t hired by ghosting them is rude and hugely unprofessional. Here’s what you have to lose by practicing this nasty habit. 

Three Reasons Not to Ghost Candidates 

You Might Want to Hire Them in the Future 

There’s no guarantees in hiring. The person you thought was right for the job could turn out to be a terrible cultural fit or not have the skills promised. In a few weeks’ or months’ time, you might find yourself filling the position again. 

If you originally had to make a tough choice between a few top contenders, you might be able to reach back out and fill the position quickly — but only if you left things on a high note. If you ghosted the candidate, good luck getting them to answer your call. 

People Talk 

No matter what the size of the city where you work, it’s smaller than you think. Word of companies treating candidates poorly tends to travel fast — thanks especially to review sites like Glassdoor. This will lower the quality of hires you’re able to attract, because top talent doesn’t bother with companies that have a reputation of treating candidates poorly. 

You’ll Create Bad Blood 

There’s a good chance you’ll run into at least some of the candidates you ghosted again. In the future, they might be your client, colleague, or even boss. Don’t expect the reunion to go well, if the last message they left for you was never returned. When you don’t treat people with respect, they tend to reciprocate. 

Make Your Hiring Process Stand Out 

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