Three Signs You Might be a Lazy Manager

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As the boss, your employees look to you for guidance. They model their behavior after yours, so your management style speaks volumes.

If you need Las Vegas hiring support, take a pause first to look inward. Assessing whether your management style promotes productivity or laziness now will allow you to make any necessary changes before bringing a new hire on board.

Hopefully, you’ll discover you’re inspiring your team to do their best work each day. However, if any of the behaviors below could be used to describe you, learn from your mistakes and make changes for the better.

Three Signs You’re a Lazy Manager

You Focus on Quick Fixes

When a problem arises, you tend to look for an easy solution. However, putting a band-aid on it doesn’t resolve the issue in the long run. For example, if an employee resigns, offering them a larger salary might work in the short-term, but if your company culture is flawed, it’s only a matter of time before they leave for good.

Look anywhere and you’ll find a trendy new management approach marketed as a quick and easy fix, but there is a reason fads go out of style fast. Productive managers know putting in the work is the only way to get the lasting results you want.

You Place Blame on Others

As the team leader, you’re held responsible when things don’t go as planned. However, instead of accepting the blame, you don’t hesitate to throw an employee under the bus.

Productive managers never do this, because they feel accountable for their team. They also know pointing the finger at employees demolishes trust. Consequently, they’re always willing to own mistakes publicly and deal with them privately.

You Delegate Most of Your Work

Being the boss means you’re in charge, and to you, that’s a license to do very little. Some managers have trouble delegating even the smallest projects, but not you. In fact, you’ve passed so much work off on your team. that you’re currently spending the bulk of your day online shopping and browsing Facebook.

You would never catch a productive manager behaving in this manner because they know a successful team requires all hands0on deck. Sure, they’ll delegate some of their tasks, but they spend their days working hard alongside their employees.

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