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Your boss believes in you. They know you’re an amazing employee who is going places — but the path they’ve charted for you doesn’t lead to your dream job.

A job agency in Las Vegas can help you find your way, but first, give your boss a chance. They’re not a mind-reader, so they probably have no idea your vision for your future doesn’t align with the track you’re currently on.

Here’s some advice to help you have a productive conversation with your boss. Be honest with them, because this is your career — not theirs.

Four Tips to Talk to Your Boss About Your Career

Know Where You’re Headed

Before meeting with your boss, take the time to figure out what you really want from your career. It’s important to go into the meeting knowing this, because it won’t have a productive outcome if you are unable to explain what you’d rather be working toward.

Schedule Time to Talk

Your boss is a busy person, so you can’t just walk into their office unannounced to discuss your career. Get their full attention by scheduling a meeting in advance. This ensures they’ll have time to talk, and giving them advance notice will allow them to prepare for the discussion.

Ask for What You Want

By now, you’ve done your research, so you know what skills and experience you need to take to get to the next phase of your career. If any of this can be accomplished in your current job, ask your boss to help make it happen. For example, if you want to move into management, ask if you can be in charge of your team’s internship program.

Create a Plan Together

Your boss clearly knows a thing or two about career success, so use this to your advantage. Ask them to help make a new plan for your career. Explain that you’d like to stay with the company, if possible, and work together to create a roadmap that allows you build the future you want.

Get Your Career Back on Track

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