Beating the Monday Blues: 3 Ways to Start Enjoying Your Mondays Again!

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Like many people, Monday is a word you dread. The start of the traditional workweek means trading the fun and freedom of the weekend for alarm clocks, meetings, and deadlines.

Whether you’re making the rounds of temporary work in Las Vegas or have held the same full-time job for years, welcoming Monday with open arms is hard — but entirely possible.

Here are three tips to help you beat the Monday blues.

Create a Relaxing Sunday Night Ritual

Your weekends are busy. Spending time with family and friends, running errands, and doing projects around the house requires a lot of energy. This can easily leave you feeling drained by Monday morning. Change that by making Sunday nights all about relaxation.

Enjoying peace and tranquility means something different to everyone, so do what works for you. This might involve having a family movie night, going to a yoga class, or taking a soothing bubble bath. Afterward, you’ll be in a calm state of mind that will allow you to welcome Monday and anything it throws your way.

Make Monday Fun

Right now, you look at Monday with dread, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Choose to make the day enjoyable by indulging a bit. Treat yourself to a morning latte, trade your boring packed lunch for a bite out with your favorite co-worker or plan happy hour after work with friends. Other simple moves, such as wearing an outfit that makes you feel great or taking the scenic route to work, will brighten the day, making it hard to truly hate Mondays.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Leaving the weekend behind can make even the happiest employee a bit blue, but you shouldn’t be downright miserable. If the arrival of Monday always makes you feel sad and anxious, something needs to change. Dig deep to figure out what’s going on — i.e., you’re dreading a long commute, you hate tackling an inbox that’s been untouched all weekend or your boss is a nightmare. Some changes will be easier to make than others, but doing so is crucial to your overall well-being.

Find a Job That Makes You Happy

If going to work always gives you the blues, it’s time to find a fulfilling new job you truly enjoy. PrideStaff Las Vegas is here to help you find a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire opportunity that checks all your boxes. Contact us today to get started!