Five Ways to Reconnect With Your Alumni Network…to Land Your Next Job

The best Las Vegas jobs can be hard to find. Your college alumni network can serve as an invaluable resource, as both your alma mater and fellow alums want to help you succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you graduated last year or three decades ago, your alumni network always has your back. Your college years might be over, but you’re an alum of the school for life. Here are a few ways you can use this to your advantage.

Five Ways to Reconnect With Your Alumni Network

Join Your Alumni Association

Getting involved with your school’s alumni association can be a fantastic way to find a new job. Benefits vary by college or university but might involve alumni mixers, invitations to job fairs at the school, access to a directory of alums willing to provide mentoring services and even the ability to get on a mailing list for job opportunities exclusive to alums.

Update Your Contact Information

If you’ve long been a member of your alumni association, but haven’t heard much from them lately, check your contact information. It’s possible your phone number, email address or home address is outdated.

Attend Networking Events

Signing up for your alumni association is one thing, but actually attending events is another. Make valuable face-to-face connections by going to as many alumni mixers as possible. You never know who you might meet — or reconnect with — who might hold the key to your dream job. Plus, you’ll probably have a great time mingling with fellow alums and reminiscing about your college days!

Reach Out to Alums on LinkedIn

You already know LinkedIn is a great place to connect with like-minded professionals, so zero in on those who share your alma mater. Send an invitation to connect, along with a message that you’re a fellow alum. This should make them more receptive because people tend to enjoy connecting with others who share this special bond.

Become an Alumni Mentor

If your school has an alumni mentoring program, sign yourself up. No doubt, you have a level of expertise that will be helpful to fellow alums. In life, you get what you give, so putting yourself out there can help open new doors. You might meet another mentor who can help you or even land a valuable new connection from a mentee.

Make the Right Career Move

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