Looking to 2020: The Key to Developing a Clear Career Vision

Career development in Las Vegas requires careful planning because the city has so much to offer. The key to developing a clear vision for your career is knowing what you want.   

Mapping out a distinct path for where you’re headed ensures you won’t get sidetracked and veer off course. Here’s how to create a plan to guide your success. 

4 Tips to Develop a Clear Career Vision 

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals 

It’s hard to get ahead if you’re not working toward something specific. Traditional goals can be vague, leaving too much room for interpretation, so make them S.M.A.R.T.  specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This will create a sense of accountability, inspiring you to keep working hard for the future you want. 

Define Your Ideal Company Culture 

On the surface, it might not seem particularly important, but company culture can make or break your level of job satisfaction. Before taking the next step in your career, decide what kind of work environment makes you happy. For example, if you value being home at night for dinner with your family, you need an employer that emphasizes work-life balance. 

Determine How Much Money You Need 

Money isn’t everything, but it does dictate your standard of living. Calculate your living expenses now and anything additional you expect to incur in the near future  i.e., plans to buy a bigger house next year  to see how much you’ll need to earn to pay for it. Knowing the minimum salary you’ll need to support your lifestyle will help narrow your search for the right type of job. 

Decide Where You Want to Live 

Where you work is hugely important, because it dictates where you live. This could mean limiting your job search to a certain part of Las Vegas or opening it up to other cities. Deciding if you want to stay put where you currently are is a must when planning your career path because you need to know how to filter search results. 

Find Your Dream Job 

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