Taking the next step in your career was one of your New Year’s resolutions, and you’re ready to hit the ground running. In fact, you’ve already scored an interview for a position you’re really excited about, so you’re preparing to make a great first impression. 

As a top job agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows how important it is to get off on the right foot with the interviewer. Here’s some advice to help you shine on your big day. 

Five Ways to Make a Great First Impression at Your Job Interview 

Arrive Early 

Being late to a job interview can ruin your chances of getting hired before you even step foot in the door. Avoid this by leaving plenty of time to get there — even if you know exactly where you’re going. This ensures unexpected traffic, car trouble or issues finding parking won’t keep you from a prompt arrival. 

Dress to Impress 

The manner in which you present yourself to the interviewer matters. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to choose attire one level above the company’s standard dress code. For example, if employees follow a casual dress code, wear business casual attire. This is a sign of respect to the hiring manager and shows them you’re taking the interview seriously. 

Be Polite to Everyone 

You’re mistaken if you think the hiring manager is the only person you need to impress. From the moment you walk into the building, all eyes will be on you. Not only is being rude to the security guard or the receptionist wrong in general, but it will also get back to the interviewer and should definitely keep you from getting the job.  

Stay Off Your Phone 

If you arrive early and are asked to sit in the waiting room until the hiring manager is ready, you’ll likely be tempted to take out your phone. This won’t likely keep you from getting hired, but it can take your focus away from the interview. Plus, it’s a much better look to be patiently gazing out the window when the interviewer comes out to get you than be lost in your smartphone. 

Find a Common Bond 

Chances are, the hiring manager is interviewing several people for the job. Stand out from the crowd by finding a connection that will make them remember you. For example, if their coffee cup has the name of your favorite sports team on it, let them know you’re also a fan. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference in a hiring decision. 

Get the Job You Want 

Want to start the new year off with an exciting new job? PrideStaff Las Vegas is here to guide your search. Contact us today to make a plan for your future! 

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