The Top 4 Assessment Tools to Help Find the Right Hire

Hiring in Las Vegas

If you don’t have Las Vegas hiring support in the form of assessment software, it’s time to get it. Plenty of amazing screening tools are currently on the market, that can streamline your hiring process and help you find the best person for the job.

Nothing is more important than the quality of your new hires. These platforms require a bit of an investment, but they’re well worth it. Here’s a look at five tools to consider.


Put candidates’ skills to the test with eSkill. This online assessment platform offers more than 800 standard job-based and subject-based tests — or the ability to customize your own — to truly find the best person for the job. Tests are curated for selection and skills gap assessment, allowing you to reduce your risk, cost, and chances of hiring the wrong person.

Self Management Group

Hire better with screening tools from the Self Management Group. Tests are available in 40 different languages and can be completed in five to 10 minutes. Most notably, the company offers performance assessments that can predict the performance and retention of salespeople.


Another pre-employment test platform, HireSelect offers aptitude, personality and skills tests to assist with your hiring needs. Designed by Harvard psychiatrists, this service is used by a variety of industries. Pre-employment tests measure a plethora of traits and abilities, including motivation, honesty, and potential.


Discover your company’s performance drivers, increase quality hires and reduce bias with Koru predictive hiring software. The company claims this software can allow you to hire 30% more high performers and eliminate phone screens. Koru prides itself on measuring the seven job competencies that matter most — grit, rigor, impact, teamwork, presence, curiosity and ownership.

Get the New Hire Your Team Deserves

While assessment tools continue to enter the market, finding the right person for the job requires serious time and effort, and PrideStaff Las Vegas is up to the challenge! Contact us today to learn how we can further assist you and you expand your workforce this spring.