Three Reasons to Partner With a Local Staffing Provider as Vegas Reopens

The COVID-19 pandemic largely shut Las Vegas down for a few months, but businesses are slowly starting to reopen. You’re ready to be back in business, but first, you need to hire.

Unfortunately, you had to let most—or all—of your employees go during the shutdown, so you need to rebuild your team. In the past, you’ve always handled hiring in-house, but this is the first time you’ve had to weather a pandemic. Here’s what you have to gain by partnering with Las Vegas hiring support.

Three Reasons to Partner With a Local Staffing Firm as Vegas Reopens

Find Top Talent

During the shutdown, the unemployment rate reached a record high. This means you certainly won’t have trouble filling open positions, but knowing who to hire will be a challenge. When you’re inundated with resumes, it can be hard to distinguish the right candidates from those good on paper.

This is a non-issue when you work with a recruiter because they hire for a living. They know exactly what to look for in the right candidates, ensuring you’ll make the best possible hires.

Build a Flexible Team

Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from over. Since a vaccine hasn’t yet been developed, experts believe another wave or two could happen, before it’s finally done. This means it’s important to make your business as flexible as possible, so you can quickly adapt to changes—i.e., slow sales or another shutdown.

A staffing partner can help you build a team of temporary talent, so there’s no obligation to keep people on staff if you don’t need them. This makes it easier to keep your business afloat in challenging times because keeping overhead expenses lean can make all the difference.

Realize You Can’t Do It All

Your business is reopening to a whole new world. Instead of simply opening your doors and welcoming customers back, you need to implement new safety and social distancing policies to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This might involve creating a mask policy and rearranging your business to help people stay at least six feet apart.

Clearly, you have your hands full, so delegating hiring to a staffing firm can allow you to better focus on safety initiatives. This will allow you to feel like you’ve truly covered all the bases when you reopen.

Rebuild Your Business

COVID-19 has presented businesses with a new normal that will be here for a while. PrideStaff Las Vegas understands that figuring how to navigate these challenges is a lot, so allow us to assist. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business get back on its feet.