Is Your Lack of Sleep Causing a Decrease in Your Workplace Productivity?

Improving Productivity in the Workplace

It’s hard to focus when you’re constantly exhausted. Career development in Las Vegas takes hard work and careful planning, but it’s almost impossible to do either of these if you’re always practically falling asleep on the job.

Whether you’ve had trouble sleeping for a while or your insomnia is newfound, it’s time to nip it in the bud, so you can be your best self. Here’s some advice to help you become better rested.

Four Tips to Get More Sleep

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

If you go to bed at a different time every night, your body clock is seriously out of whack. Choose a set bedtime—and stick to it—so your body can regulate itself. This will help you become tired at the same time every night, so you can fall asleep easily and slumber soundly throughout the night.

Create a Bedtime Ritual

At the end of a fast-paced day, you need time to unwind before falling asleep. Pull yourself away from your devices and create a bedtime ritual that truly relaxes your mind and body. For example, reading a book, taking a warm bath, or meditating can help you achieve a sense of calm that allows you to slowly drift off to sleep.

Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

It can be hard to fall asleep at night if your bedroom isn’t conducive to sleep. Consider buying blackout curtains, investing in a white noise machine, and swapping the bulb in your reading lamp for a lower wattage version. When you’re enveloped in an environment that promotes sleep, it will be hard to resist it.

Avoid Caffeine Late in the Day

You might feel like you need caffeine in the late afternoon or evening hours to get you through the rest of the day, but this habit is inadvertently keeping you up at night. Caffeine can stay in your system for six to eight hours, so time your last boost wisely.

Find a different source of energy late in the day—i.e., step outside for some fresh air, exercise, or have a snack—so you don’t ruin your chances of a good night’s rest.

Get a Job That Makes Work Fun

Earning a living doesn’t have to feel like a chore. If you’re ready to find a new job that truly fulfills you, PrideStaff Las Vegas wants to help. Contact us today to start your search!